Monday 6 March 2017

Book Review: 4 AM Conversations

My rating: 

4 AM Conversations with the ghosts of old lovers is a collection of poems and mini-tales by Ayushee Ghoshal. The book is divided into nine sections.  The poems and the stories are centred on varying themes such as yearning for a lost lover, knowing when to hold on and when to give up, understanding how sometimes all you need is to let go, loving yourself and hope. The themes will appeal to everyone.

The themes keep on alternating which made it an interesting mix of poems and stories. The placement of text in particular parts of the pages made the reading process more delightful for me. The vocabulary is simple yet it does not fail to convey the feelings and emotions of the author. The tone is melancholic yet hopeful.The content flows smoothly throughout the poems.

For me, the reading process was loaded with many emotions. Initially, I was a little suspicious about the book but after reading the first two pages, I was certain I was in for an emotional roller coaster ride. I liked stories more than the poems. My favourite stories are Lessons in Forgetting and The Girl she used to be.

Leaving you with my favourite quote:
 Let hope break you.
And then allow hopelessness
To set you free.

PS: The book was sent to me by the publishers in exchange for an honest review. 

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