Thursday 24 August 2017

Book Traveling Thursday #1: A Book Worth the Hype

Book Traveling Thursday is a weekly discussion post where we pick up a book that fits a predetermined theme and explore the various cover editions and chose our favorite and least favorite editions. This week's theme is 

Hype is not always a bad thing. Choose a book that was worth the hype.

The book that I chose for this theme is The Book Thief.  A short gasp escaped from everyone's mouth when they would know that being the crazy reader I am, I still haven't read this masterpiece. Some people would also roll their eyes in order to show their intellectual superiority.I hate these people because they bring a bad name to the community of readers. Hey! We don't judge other readers on the basis of what they read. Seems like I am drifting from the topic. Let's come back!  So, when I went to book fair in January this year, my friend literally shoved this book in my face and told me to read it ASAP. And after reading it, I only regret not reading it sooner. Reading it was like an emotional roller coaster. I remember reading it one sitting ( yes, I am proud of myself) and crying my heart out. Now, I try and get my friends to read this one if they already haven't. 

Book Covers available in India  


Covers I like the Most:

 The first one is the Vietnamese Cover, the middle one is an anniversary edition, and the one at extreme right is Portuguese one. I love all of these covers because they symbolize the story in one way or the another. 

My least Favourite Cover:

I hate the movie-tie in editions of the books because they steal all the focus from the book and give the spotlight to the movie. Books over movies, any day!

See you next Thursday with another book!

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