Monday 12 June 2017

Book Review: Writing for Bliss

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Writing for Bliss by Diana Raab is about "reflection, truth, and freedom."  The book is divided into seven sections and it guides you through the whole process of writing from preparing to write to sharing it. Each section dwells deep into the writing process and offers various insights. It also delineates various kinds and mediums of writing. There is a separate section on poetry also.  I have read quite a lot of books, websites, and other resources but this one definitely stands out for the following reasons

  • The author provides an amazing explanation about how writing can help you figure out your issues and heal. She has also talked about how writing can be transformative. In a way, she does not only talk about the mechanical aspects of writing but also connects it to spirituality. 
  • The book is well researched and the author has drawn heavily from the experiences of other writers and psychologists which makes the content very rich and diverse.
  • Each section starts with a detailed description of the process and how it can be used in our personal lives. Then, she relates it to the writing. 
  • The language of the book is simple to understand and the narrative flows easily. No fancy words which would make comprehension difficult.
  • I absolutely loved the writing prompts in the beginning and in the end. 
  • The book provides abundant writing tips to the novice as well as seasoned writers.
In a nutshell, pick up this book if you are looking for some inspiration to write. 

The book is going to be out in September 2017 but you can preorder the book here

PS: I received an e-copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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