Thursday 13 July 2017

Book Review: Leadersights

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Leadersights by David Veech is a book that focuses on "how organizations of all types can create a leader". The book is divided into 10 chapters with each section dealing with different aspects of leadership. The first few chapters set the theoretical foundation while the rest of them focuses majorly on tools and implementation.

The book contains some great insights on leadership. The concepts are explained in a very simple language and appropriate examples are used to further elucidate them. To break down complex concepts, analogies have been used which makes things easier. There is a crisp summary at the end of each chapter. What makes it for a good re-read is the visual representation of the book. Important points are highlighted and diagrams are used for easy reference. 

What I liked the most about the book is that a great emphasis is given on implementation of the tools. The chapters are accompanied by exercises and the problems regarding the implementation are also addressed. So, this is not just a preachy book which will tell you what to do but it would also tell you the ways to do it. I especially liked the concept of a "servant leader". 

In a nutshell, pick up this book if you looking to read great insights about leadership.

PS: I received the pdf copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

You can buy the book here

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